[one_half]Below is a list of Raven’s Jig’s productions up to date; all kinds of styles, either vocal or instrumental. On each song’s page, there’ll be a description of what the song, the lyrics, or both were supposed to bring forth. We strongly believe that lyrics are the heart of any song, and they can convey feelings that instrumentation could not convey on its own!

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A Time for UsA Time for us, B-25 aeroplane Lambada
Lago Maggiore
Up is Down

Golden ship

Ravens in Paradise
My Nixie Tube
Concerning Hobbits She Moved Through the Fair My Heart will go On
Kraken Winter Night Scarborough’s Piano
Distant Memories Imagine A Feast on Monkey Island
Fallout-Equestria Hijo de la Luna Mon Frère
Skyrim Angels and Demons A Speech
Pirates of the Black Pearl Heart of Courage  The Life of Davy Jones
The Two Ravens One of Us Leaving Wallbrook
Solitude by the Window Touhou Medley Morrowind 
Lilium Ice-cold Cirno Lullaby of Lost Cultures
Septette Nuclear Fusion MORE ->