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Raven’s Jig – My Heart will go On

Oh no, not that movie. This is what we thought when we decided to arrange this song. We found it interesting as a melody and wanted to test our skills on it (complete with a return of our beloved children’s choir), but as neither of us is the type of person who cries to movies …

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Raven’s Jig – Winter Night

Going hand in hand with our arrangement of Concerning Hobbits, this vocal arrangement of Lord of the Rings’ Edge of Night, much warmer and with original lyrics, was meant to convey a homely, almost Christmassy kind of peace, possibly evoking the “home” Pippin longed for in the original song. Download Raven’s Jig – Winter Night

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Raven’s Jig – Scarborough’s Piano

Among our first musical arranges, at the very beginning, was folk classic Scarborough Fair. Once our band was on track, we decided to give it a new try, in a completely different genre – jazz, with smooth synths, improved piano lines and a lower, more mellow tone of voice. We also decided to change the …

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Raven’s Jig – Imagine (John Lennon cover)

A straightforward classic among classics, and a nice little break for us, arranged with our signature strings and piano to give it the ‘organic’ feel we like to give our calmer music. We didn’t dare to change the iconic lyrics to this masterpiece, but we did add a couple of original lines at the end …

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Raven’s Jig – Sea of Dreams

After our first collaboration with Seventh Element on Fallout Equestrian, we agreed to work on a vocal song which would mix strong ambient tunes with impactful lyrics. “Sea Of Dreams”, based on an instrumental track originally called “Sea Of Darkness”, is the plea of a lost soul trapped on a dystopian, futuristic and foreign planet, …

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Raven’s Jig – Hijo de la Luna (English on-vocal)

This is a translation of a Spanish-language hit song originally performed by Mecano. Except it’s not. Or is it? This English adaptation relies on automatic writing, to provide absurd lyrics jumping from one idea to another, following the course of the lyricist’s mind. Of course, you can still take it as a translation… Only at …

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