Sep 17 2014

Raven’s Jig – Primavera (on-vocal)

“Primavera” translates to “spring”, yet many have attributed feelings of melancholy to this Ludovico Einaudi classic (incidentally the first one we arranged as Raven’s Jig). Spring is supposed to be a time of new life, a time of fresh energy. Indeed, Ludovico’s Primavera sounds exactly like what you’d expect from the beginning of a Hollywood blockbuster where the main character is reflecting on his past while the sun is ascending from the horizon. Yet, at the same time, Primavera gives off the feeling of melancholy, dark tainted feelings that we all would rather not feel. With that in mind, under Onne’s inspiration, the vocal version was purposely written, and sung with ‘bipolarity’ as a key theme in mind. The two voices represent the two stages of life: childhood and adulthood. Is it possible to be both, even when you have gone past humanity’s artificial age of adulthood? Perhaps adulthood is one big social construct. Take a look at your pet, does it still play with its toys like it used to do when it was young? It has long reached maturity, but it is not confined by artificial social stigmas and taboos like we are. Why do we keep on putting restrictions on ourselves and on others? So many questions, so much sadness, so little freedom.

Download Raven’s Jig – Primavera (on-vocal)

Wake me
Sweet sweet sun ray
It’s gonna be a beautiful day
Slow jet lag
Woke up at 3 AM in a gag
Same duffel bag
Going down the street is such a drag

Adventure time
Wastin’ a day
Can you spare a dime?
Trains planes crossed
Drawing up words on the window’s frost
Spelling my life with the letter B

Bottle of beer
Baggy jeans, bowtie

I didn’t ask for this
I guess I deserved it
That wasn’t meant to be
That’s all but destiny
I didn’t realize
That’s written in the skies
Shadows in my teacup
When I put my eyes up
I guess I’m excited
I don’t know what I did
I’ll keep moving forward
Wait, that’s way too awkward
Hope is my middle name
Take me from where I came
Brilliant optimism
Rainbows down the prism
Leave me alone
Come back here
I should have known
It appears
Life’s getting short
It goes on forever
Tearing me out limb after limb
Grease in my pants
I look slim
I’m feeling fine
I’m feeling awfully grim

Is showing up at my door
There’s dirt all over the floor
Let yourself in
Nevermind, I don’t care
My own face gave me quite a fright
I smile at me, well all right
You’re looking good
I want you out of my sight


Shut up!

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