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Apr 17 2017

Raven’s Jig – Petit Chat Clandestin (off-vocal)

Lullaby of Deserted Hell is a waltz which is sure to stick to the mind of Touhou fans. The slightly cloudy, majestic and mysterious piano played by Onne inspired a specific painting in our mind, an alternate universe with a little girl with red hair, trapped in a cold Renaissance castle and bound by etiquette …

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Jan 15 2017

Raven’s Jig – The Simple Life I want to have

Nostalgia, anyone? If you remember playing the original Sims game and spending hours building a house so you could hear the lovely music that went along, then this song is our present to you. Onne suddenly got reminded of this feeling while furniture-shopping. Thank you for this unexpected journey to the past, Ikea : you …

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Dec 12 2016

Raven’s Jig – Subterranean Sunshine (off-vocal)

This song is the rightful companion to Be of Tranquil Cheer (playing a Touhou stage song with French lyrics and an extra-peaceful arrange, see the post here as on-vocal and here as off-vocal) and Une Pile Atomique (playing an Utsuho Reiuji song in major instead of minor, with a childlike spirit in mind). The lyrics to this …

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Mar 05 2015

Raven’s Jig – Daylight Express to Lutz

After Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack “Interstellar” lost the 2015 Academy Award for Best Original Music Score to Alexandre Desplat’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, Onne (a fervent Zimmer fan) came to Agathe to complain about it. To which Agathe responded, “Wait, have you heard what the winner’s music sounds like?” Half an hour later Onne was chastising …

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Aug 20 2014

Raven’s Jig – Primavera (off-vocal)

“Primavera” translates to “spring”, yet many have attributed feelings of melancholy to this Ludovico Einaudi classic (incidentally the first one we arranged as Raven’s Jig). Spring is supposed to be a time of new life, a time of fresh energy. Indeed, Ludovico’s Primavera sounds exactly like what you’d expect from the beginning of a Hollywood …

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Jun 28 2014

Raven’s Jig – Roof Garden

Al Jarreau is one of Agathe’s mom’s favorite musicians. Of course, when Onne worked on this synth and horns-heavy arrange, he didn’t know that: he was merely experimenting on brand new styles, expanding his skills and paving his way into the colorful variety of styles that would make up our music later. This cheery arrangement …

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Jun 21 2014

Raven’s Jig – You’re so Cute! (off-vocal)

Believe it or not… This is also a Hans Zimmer song. The last one we played to date, and a particular one at that; this is one of the first songs that gave Onne inspiration to play more cheerful songs and experiment in more childlike styles, which would much later lead to the rise of …

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Mar 01 2014

Raven’s Jig – Memory of Light and Waves

You can’t say you’ve arranged music if you haven’t arranged at least one piece from the masterpiece soundtrack that is Final Fantasy’s, right? Well, that is one checkbox ticked off. This cute, seaside-like, off-vocal arrange of Eternity ~ Memory of Lightwaves from Final Fantasy X-2 was a break Onne granted to himself, to see if …

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Dec 22 2013

Raven’s Jig – You Were There (off-vocal)

If this song from the video game Ico reminds you of FMA’s Bratja, don’t be surprised – they were both composed by Michiru Oshima, whose music we appreciate dearly. This specific song, however, was chosen by hit Utaite Kanipan, as part of the second collaboration we did together. In Better Together, this piece, featuring original English …

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Dec 21 2013

Raven’s Jig – Better

This is our most recent collaboration with Seventh Element to date, an arrange of his composition Better, featuring powerful drums by Vincent Ramaekers. We decided to keep this version off vocal so as not to compromise the instruments, and because, quite simply, we were not sure how to go about it… Fun fact number one: …

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