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Raven’s Jig – Subterranean Sunshine (off-vocal)

This song is the rightful companion to Be of Tranquil Cheer (playing a Touhou stage song with French lyrics and an extra-peaceful arrange, see the post here as on-vocal and here as off-vocal) and Une Pile Atomique (playing an Utsuho Reiuji song in major instead of minor, with a childlike spirit in mind). The lyrics to this …

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Raven’s Jig – Nuclear Happiness

Crazy how turning a song from minor to major and choosing the right instruments changes the atmosphere drastically, right? The impressive, bodacious final boss theme from Touhou 11 – Subterranean Animism becomes a bundle of childlike fun, in which her protagonist, Utsuho Reiuji, gets to let her bird-brain personality shine innocently. Once again the lyrics …

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Raven’s Jig – Nuclear Fusion

Our first arrangement of another Touhou classic, in the name of an iconic boss which (unsurprisingly) inspired our band’s name! The feeling of majesty and strong percussion was inspired by Nuda Arai’s Radiant Radiant Symphony. Download Raven’s Jig – Nuclear Fusion