Raven’s Jig – Be of Tranquil Cheer (on-vocal)

Not so long ago, we’ve released this song as an off-vocal track. Now, we have written lyrics for it and recorded the vocals.

This soft, bossa-nova-like arrangement of Rin Kaenbyou’s stage theme, from Touhou 11 – Subterranean Animism, is the first piece of what would eventually become Enfants atomiques, a Raven’s Jig EP dedicated to a strange Touhou cat and a strange Touhou bird. This was played with very peaceful thoughts in mind, blue skies and soft grassy fields, and the French lyrics followed suit. Like this arrange, they praise carefreeness and the pleasure of enjoying the simple things in life with a person you love.

Download Raven’s Jig – Be of Tranquil Cheer (on-vocal)

Respirer la nature
Regarder les avions
Et se foutre du monde
Qui tourne à toute vitesse comme un con
Debout sur le bitume
Couchés les pattes en rond
Parler à ton sourire
Qui ne dit rien mais qui répond

On n’a besoin de personne
Tant qu’on est là
Et qu’on n’ambitionne
Que ce qu’on affectionne
Et qu’on vole bas
Sur nos langues y a pas un chat
Pas un seul mot
On n’a rien à se dire
On aime se suffire
Sans jamais en faire trop

Au fond je t’ai jamais dit que je t’aime
Mais tu le sais déjà
Je crois
Qu’on peut rien te cacher
À toi
Et si ça se trouve tu penses pareil de moi

Regarder les étoiles
Pointer du doigt la grande casserole
C’est la seule que je connais
Le reste on s’en cogne

Regarder les avions
Qui s’en vont là où on n’ira pas
On est bien ici, c’est ici qu’on se pose, qu’on n’avance pas
Pas vrai? Tope là


Translation :

Breathing in the scent of nature
Gazing at the planes
And ignoring the world
That’s spinning really fast like a dumbass
Standing up on the asphalt
Paws down on the ground
Talking to your smile
That doesn’t say anything, but is enough of an answer

We don’t need anybody
As long as we’re here
And that the objects of our ambitions
Are the same as our affections’
And that we keep flying low
Our tongues don’t have any cats
Not a single word
We don’t have anything to say to each other
We like being self-sufficient
Without ever putting the extra effort

Actually I never told you that I loved you
But you know it already
I think
Nobody can hide anything
From you
And maybe you think the same thing about me

Gazing at the stars
Pointing to the big dipper
It’s the only one I know
So who cares about the others

Gazing at the planes
That are going were we won’t go
We’re good here, where we rest, where we’re not moving forward
Right? High five.

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