Raven’s Jig – Hijo de la Luna (English on-vocal)

This is a translation of a Spanish-language hit song originally performed by Mecano. Except it’s not. Or is it? This English adaptation relies on automatic writing, to provide absurd lyrics jumping from one idea to another, following the course of the lyricist’s mind. Of course, you can still take it as a translation… Only at your own risk. The original song’s story is much more tragic.

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It’s a lovely story
Though it ends quite sadly
But frankly I must say
It’s the price one’s to pay
When they deal with the sky
‘Cause if you go insane
Your eyes end up blind and
Your brain’s all plummed and dry
Dreams come out of dried plums, which is silly
Men don’t come out of dreams, most logically
They come out of big streets
Of houses and their doors
They grow on concrete trees
If you want them to be
Grown biologically
Means you’re quite hard to please

Moons want to be a mother
Which is actually strange
Because moon’s not alive
Tell me oh silver moon
Am I slightly deranged
For talking to you now?
Aaah, aaah…

Hijo de la luna

And let’s suppose hypothetically
That the moon could be one actually
Could it be a mother?
Or should I say “could she”?
Is it male or female?
Behind its final “a”
Is it hiding something
Behind its silver veil?

Moons want to be a mother
Is it a giant womb?
Is it a giant cell?
You can’t change what you are
As for you, mister moon,
Please remain in your shell
Up in the sky, aaah…

Hijo de la luna

But I may realize now I’ve been quite cruel
Wise man changes his mind, so does the fool
But they’ve got in common
One very simple thing
They do dream after all
It may be a belief
They may be illusions
But one answers their call

Even the moon that’s hung there
It is not alive but
Apparently it talks
If you pick up a star
And you wish upon it
You might change what you are
Aaah, aaah…

If you’re feeling like it

It’s a lovely story
Though it ends quite sadly
Why not change the picture
Give it a new ending
And start it all over

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  1. very beautyful vocal !!!

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