Raven’s Jig – Jib Jig (on-vocal)

Of course, we are Raven’s Jig, so it only made sense that we would do a jig at some point, right? This orchestral arrange of a soundtrack from Donkey Kong Country 2 exists in two version, an off-vocal featuring extra harp and the greenery-filled flute we appreciate so much in our more celtic song, and a vocal version featuring a cute, simple story imagined by Onne, adapted into rhyming lyrics by Agathe. Boy, was that a mouthful to sing. Jigs are difficult… But so catch and interesting!

Download Raven’s Jig – Jib Jig (on-vocal)

Lil’ Jibbedy Jib went in his Dad’s hold
Opened a drawer and reached for the map
With the old man away bootying for gold
Ran out and closed the drawer in a clap
Went onto the secret island, found the woods and walked across
Then, eleven steps east, two north, all the way to the black cross
Then he dug and dug and hit on the wood lid
Time to put Jibbedy’s arms to the test
After half an hour, pity the poor kid
He finally pulled out the treasure chest
What a joy

Just what kind of wonders
Might have been lying inside
That’s what he’s off to find out
All the things Daddy’s put there to hide

But just how to open the blasted damn thing
Was that big locker always on it?
Tried to use a crowbar after some thinking
Blasted damn lid didn’t move a bit
Guess that he’ll just have to go back
To Dad’s place to fetch the key
When back to the chest it won’t fit
Is that lock toying with me?
Desperate times call for desperate measures
Attack the thing with a pointy rock
After hours of fighting, dreaming of treasures
Finally managed to break the lock
Nonetheless something is still holding it shut
Boy hadn’t spied the big iron chain
Swallowing the anger coming up his guts
He sighs and uses the rock again

When he finally broke it open
There wasn’t a thing inside
Some pirate my Dad is, surely
All my dreams are now denied

Lil’ Jibbedy Jib came home with a pout
Hopeless and sad and tired as a dog
And the worst part is if his old man finds out
He surely knows he’s up for a flog
What a shame..

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