Raven’s Jig – Kuroi Uta

We originally played this song as a request for a third party, and eventually fiddled with the idea of making our own vocal version for ourselves. Our beloved, atmospheric piano is joined by pressing drums underlining the drama and darkness within this song. The original lyrics were about dark fates and metamorphosis, taboos, black flowers and pages drenched in blood… But Agathe begged Onne to let her re-write lyrics about what she thought real darkness was like. So now this is a song about becoming an adult and parting from more and more loved ones as life goes on. As for which version is darker, this is for you to choose.

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There’s so many things
I didn’t get to say
Days went like a movie
Grey and grey
Almost feels too real
How I’m just left behind
Unfinished business in my mind

I know that nobody’s to blame
That’s how it goes and it’s a shame but
I’ll smile, I’ll pretend I don’t care
I’ll stay out of your air
Since it’s so clear that’s what you need

I feel dark inside
Downright black inside
Guess there’s no remedy
That’s meant to be
I feel sick inside
I’m too tall to ride
I reached peak long ago
I’m so bored now
Where’d fun go

We’re so out of tune
We haven’t played in years
Let’s talk one last time, I’m all ears

I’m late, when all is said and done
I know what to say but you’re all gone
Society says we gotta run
A new stage has begun
Before the past is even past

I feel numb inside
Like my tongue is tied
I’m so stifled in there
Give me some air
I feel dumb inside
Prisoner of my pride
Please let me stick around
Let that rhythm slow down

I feel dark inside
Blunt pitch black inside
Why am I so alone?
I should have known
I feel dead inside
Curtains open wide
On an empty future
I can’t escape

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