Raven’s Jig – My Nixie Tube

Nixie tubes are fascinating objects originating from Russia, which are part of Onne’s many interests. So when he decided to make an arrangement of Russian classic Polyushko Polye, he decided that the song would be about Nixie tubes. Agathe didn’t know anything about Nixie tubes though, so she decided to make it a metaphor for a one-sided love towards a person who somehow emanates something, some kind of an impressive light which makes them inaccessible.

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In the carousels of lies
Spins the neon sunshine of your smile
Tell me, whatever did I do to make you laugh at me so
Why is it so hard to let you go?

Nixie, nixie

I can’t stop thinking
About you and I and everything around
Wondering what could be getting me so uptight
Is it you, my little tube of light?

Nixie, nixie

You’re light as air
You can fly your way there to the skies
If I ever think I’ll miss you from down here, would you say that I’m right,
Dear endearing little tube of light?

Six, seven, five, eight, four, three, nine, two
Six, seven, five, eight, four, three, nine, two, zero. One.

Off you go up to space
Off to more aliens of your race
I am but an earthling and you’re way too good for me
You know that well too, don’t you, nixie?

Your boredom knows no limits
And I’m the one you’re most bored of
It’s no wonder you took off and flew away, you just could
If I could as well, I know I would

Nixie, nixie

Nixie, my soulmate, my love
My little tube of light up above
I can see in the land of lies
The neon sunshine of your smile
Nixie tube

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