Raven’s Jig – Ravens in Paradise

Released in the peaceful days between late spring and early summer, this song was intended to sound as sunny as bright blue skies. Much like someone would rely on classical music or golden oldies to relax, we decided to bring our own, raven-marked lyrics to a classic from 50s musical Kismet, itself inspired by Borodin’s Polovtsian Dance.

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Take my hand
I’m a stranger in paradise
All lost in a wonderland
A stranger in paradise
I’m going my own way
There’s no danger in paradise
For those who cast away
All sorrow and pain

I’d care less
Before a sad face
Doesn’t mean tomorrow
Will bring rainy days
Nothing could bother me
I’m a stranger in paradise
A stranger to trouble
To those tears which I despise
So I’d tell that sad face
“Cheer up friend, you’re in paradise
There’s much joy to embrace
Be glad of it all”

Picture this
I’m a stranger in paradise
I’m all but hope and bliss
And wonderment fills my eyes
The street is my dance floor
Like a big stage in paradise
On which forever more
My feet shall tap-dance

August sun
August all the same
Is bathing the whole town
As if playing some game
If I stand starry-eyed
I’m just enjoying paradise
The whole world by my side
And not a cloud in the skies
A lemon-flavoured song
Spins in my head in a reprise
And so I sing along
Inspired as can be

Take my hand
I’m a stranger in paradise
Feeling home in wonderland
Still stranger in paradise
Such a peculiar feel
For a stranger in paradise
How I love to reveal
How happy I am

My heart is beating fast
Who’d think being carefree
Could be such a blast
Should I be a black sheep
I’ll be a raven in paradise
A stain that shines so deep
A flying piece of surprise
If I should ever leave
How I’d hate saying my goodbyes
For by that time I’d be
A stranger no more

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