Raven’s Jig – Scarborough’s Piano

Among our first musical arranges, at the very beginning, was folk classic Scarborough Fair. Once our band was on track, we decided to give it a new try, in a completely different genre – jazz, with smooth synths, improved piano lines and a lower, more mellow tone of voice. We also decided to change the lyrics, giving this version a more absurd, cynical view of the unreasonable wishes of blossoming (or simply one-sided) love.

Download Raven’s Jig – Scarborough’s Piano


I’m a genie, said I to my love
Say your wish, I’ll grant it for you
I want a mule with the wings of a dove
Worry not, nothing I can’t do

Since I’m a genie with no powers
Had to travel up to the fair
Find a mule there and glue some wings on him
And with that we vanished into thin air

Took the mule back to my darling
Didn’t seem so pleased by the view
You’re here? Come on! You’ve got to be kidding
Can’t you see I was toying with you

And from that day on, my mule and I
We’ve been traveling on and above
And sometimes in the night, I look down and I smile
For I thought that I had a love (repeated to the end)

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