Raven’s Jig – A Time for Us (on-vocal)

Fun fact : Agathe almost cried while singing the vocal arrange of this song. Our arrange of 1968 Romeo and Juliet’s A Time For Us, by Nino Rota, speaks not of love, but of the gap between a normal, peaceful life and a life full of adventure but also danger and a sense of deep loneliness. Is life really limited to one or the other? Our key image for this theme was that of an aviator, and the whole arrange and lyrics were inspired by a fascinating chat Onne got to have with an aviator prior to the project. That aviator inspired one of our most emotional pieces right here, which we are very grateful for.

Download Raven’s Jig – A Time for Us (on-vocal)

Above the clouds
Above the ground and the ants
Above the life of the whole wide world
There is no noise
None to be heard
I don’t know where
I’m floating, and if someone’s left down there

I’ve seen it all
And if I fall
I’ll still have much to tell

Though, well
I’m all alone
Far from the multitude of ants
Down there with homes and families
Anxieties, sometimes some joys
But nothing close to mine
And what’s going on in my mind

When you’ve come grand
Earth in your hand
Everything seems so small

I call
I wonder what’s become of her
Where she is now, and how proud she is
That she’s been there, she’s seen it all
She’s faced the sun
She’s done what very few of us have done
We chose to go
Most chose to stay
That’s how life goes
We all miss something in the end
I’m sure the ants
Are happy there
No choice, no care
No need to stop and think and count
Every breath
Of air

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