Raven’s Jig – Unicorns (Solitude by the Window)

You might recognize the melody for this one. A long time ago, we played it as a French song that kept its own name, “Solitude by the Window” – originally from 2001 anime Noir.  Just like our French version of Solitude by the Window, this song is about personal aspects of Agathe’s life… But we spiced it up a bit by tackling yet another aspect this time. Unicorns is meant as an tribute to those people who do not experience romantic or sexual attraction – what do you mean they don’t exist? Well, let’s agree that some believe they exist, some do not. Just like unicorns. Either way their life seems peaceful.

Raven’s Jig – Unicorns (Solitude by the Window)

Lyrics (English):
I’m told that love’s some kind of wreck
Centering life on one single soul
But I’m confused, ’cause last time I checked
You could love several, you could love them all
Then if you can’t, what does that make me?
Do beings like us have some place to be,
Sat outside the box, seeing things that they can’t see?

I never could
Love one at a time
I guess most people can
I never got that drill
In my own head
Everybody rhymes
A sweet harmony
A crowd of happy chills
Each one of them somehow rings a bell
Somehow I hope they’re all doing well
This world’s working hard
Though no one’s able to tell

There we are hiding from the main crowd
They don’t know, but we find them weird too
Guys like us must be daring and loud
If they ever want their feelings to break through
We don’t need someone to complete us
We don’t care for some “I love you”
Why live on that when simple trust
And being left alone is the best we can do

We love no one, and all the same
We love everyone, and that’s how we roll
We don’t pick faves, we don’t play that game
We just love several, we just love them all
We’re unicorns and we’re beautiful
And if we’re a myth, then, that’s kind of cool
Doubt all you want, deem us to be fools
We don’t stand by the same rules


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