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Raven’s Jig – Wind Scene (Yearnings of the Wind, 風の憧憬, on-vocal)

This arrange of an iconic and melancholic Chrono Trigger soundtrack is our first collab with hit Utaite Kanipan… And it felt like a dream come true. Onne suggested the collab to the Japanese singer, and Agathe, who had been a big fan of her for a while, was overjoyed to provide lyrics and singing to …

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Raven’s Jig – Sea of Dreams

After our first collaboration with Seventh Element on Fallout Equestrian, we agreed to work on a vocal song which would mix strong ambient tunes with impactful lyrics. “Sea Of Dreams”, based on an instrumental track originally called “Sea Of Darkness”, is the plea of a lost soul trapped on a dystopian, futuristic and foreign planet, …

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Raven’s Jig – Fallout Equestria

What if the post-nuclear context of hit video game Fallout was transposed to a universe such as My Little Pony’s Equestria? This creative clash between two drastically different universes was imagined by Seventh Element, and was at the origin of his album “The Ministry Mares” which would follow some time later. In this version, we …

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