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Apr 17 2017

Raven’s Jig – Petit Chat Clandestin (off-vocal)

Lullaby of Deserted Hell is a waltz which is sure to stick to the mind of Touhou fans. The slightly cloudy, majestic and mysterious piano played by Onne inspired a specific painting in our mind, an alternate universe with a little girl with red hair, trapped in a cold Renaissance castle and bound by etiquette …

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Apr 01 2017

Raven’s Jig – The Heavyweight Experiment

Our usual style of music doesn’t give it away, but Onne has long been fascinated by Infected Mushroom and their groundbreaking music exploring sound beyond most musicians’ imagination, to create compositions encompassing thousands of atmospheres at once. Multicolored, trippy Heavyweight is, in our opinion, one of their finest pieces, so after a long while of …

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Mar 11 2017

Raven’s Jig – One of Many

Raven’s Jig is proud to present this collaboration with Tarwe, who composed and arranged this beautiful piece. Onne and I were in charge of the lyrics and voice/music montage. We imagined a story to go along with the song’s sunny, yet deep-blue atmosphere. One of Many became the tale of a child pausing in an …

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Jan 24 2017

Raven’s Jig – Petit Chat Clandestin (on-vocal)

This is the on-vocal version of Raven’s Jig’s Petit Chat Clandestin interpreation. You can hear the off-vocal version if you click on this link. Lullaby of Deserted Hell is a waltz which is sure to stick to the mind of Touhou fans. The slightly cloudy, majestic and mysterious piano played by Onne inspired a specific …

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Jan 15 2017

Raven’s Jig – The Simple Life I want to have

Nostalgia, anyone? If you remember playing the original Sims game and spending hours building a house so you could hear the lovely music that went along, then this song is our present to you. Onne suddenly got reminded of this feeling while furniture-shopping. Thank you for this unexpected journey to the past, Ikea : you …

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Jan 09 2017

Raven’s Jig – Soggy Cake (Macarthur Park)

Richard Harris’s MacArthur Park is a song about heartbreak. And parting. And striped pants and soggy cake. We couldn’t help but chuckle when we heard it the first few times. We felt so bad that we decided to take our good old piano out and make the most dramatic, heartfelt rendition we could. This is …

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Dec 12 2016

Raven’s Jig – Subterranean Sunshine (off-vocal)

This song is the rightful companion to Be of Tranquil Cheer (playing a Touhou stage song with French lyrics and an extra-peaceful arrange, see the postĀ here as on-vocalĀ and here as off-vocal) and Une Pile Atomique (playing an Utsuho Reiuji song in major instead of minor, with a childlike spirit in mind). The lyrics to this …

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Oct 07 2016

Raven’s Jig – Kuroi Uta

We originally played this song as a request for a third party, and eventually fiddled with the idea of making our own vocal version for ourselves. Our beloved, atmospheric piano is joined by pressing drums underlining the drama and darkness within this song. The original lyrics were about dark fates and metamorphosis, taboos, black flowers …

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Sep 07 2016

Raven’s Jig – Mahna Mahna (The question is, who cares?)

…We like this song. Who doesn’t. It got stuck in our head. We wanted to do it in our own way. We did it. We had fun. Need we say more? Download Raven’s Jig – Mahna Mahna (The question is, who cares?)

Aug 14 2016

Raven’s Jig – Nuclear Happiness

Crazy how turning a song from minor to major and choosing the right instruments changes the atmosphere drastically, right? The impressive, bodacious final boss theme from Touhou 11 – Subterranean Animism becomes a bundle of childlike fun, in which her protagonist, Utsuho Reiuji, gets to let her bird-brain personality shine innocently. Once again the lyrics …

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