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Jul 19 2015

Raven’s Jig – Teddy Bear

So a little fun story; Onne originally wanted to arrange a song called “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” from Henry Hall, but after realizing that he had very little to add to this song, he searched for a new song to arrange. Because Onne often seriously lacks creativity, we ended up with a song with an incredibly …

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May 26 2015

Raven’s Jig – I Giorni (on-vocal)

  Download Raven’s Jig – I Giorni (on-vocal)

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Oct 19 2014

Raven’s Jig – Tournis (The Heart Asks Pleasure First)

We had a go at “The Heart Asks Pleasure First”, from the 1993 film The Piano, and turned it into a vocal arrangement. The topic we had in mind when writing the lyrics was the social construct of carousels (or children’s rides in general). When we tell a kid that he’s supposed to enjoy a …

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Sep 17 2014

Raven’s Jig – Primavera (on-vocal)

“Primavera” translates to “spring”, yet many have attributed feelings of melancholy to this Ludovico Einaudi classic (incidentally the first one we arranged as Raven’s Jig). Spring is supposed to be a time of new life, a time of fresh energy. Indeed, Ludovico’s Primavera sounds exactly like what you’d expect from the beginning of a Hollywood …

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Jul 23 2014

Raven’s Jig – You’re so Cool! (on-vocal)

Believe it or not… This is also a Hans Zimmer song. The last one we played to date, and a particular one at that; this is one of the first songs that gave Onne inspiration to play more cheerful songs and experiment in more childlike styles, which would much later lead to the rise of …

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Mar 28 2014

Raven’s Jig – My Favorite Things

The Sound of Music is basically a mix of hit songs that would all become icons in musical history, and My Favorite Things has been arranged and rearranged to the max. It is actually one of Agathe’s favorite melodies of all times, which brought her to uncontrollable tears from sheer beauty when she was a …

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Feb 15 2014

Raven’s Jig – You Were There (on-vocal)

If this song from the video game Ico reminds you of FMA’s Bratja, don’t be surprised – they were both composed by Michiru Oshima, whose music we appreciate dearly. This specific song, however, was chosen by hit Utaite Kanipan, as part of the second collaboration we did together. In Better Together, this piece, featuring original English …

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Dec 21 2013

Raven’s Jig – El Niño (Chorando Se Foi, Lambada, on-vocal)

Now this is a song everyone has probably heard once, whether you knew the title or not. In this spin of Kaoma’s hit Lambada, in which Onne tested his ability to arrange the exotic once again, we decided to switch the lyrics’ language to Spanish (purely for skills reasons), and we changed the lyrics to …

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Sep 16 2013

Raven’s Jig – Leçon de Franglais

This is a spin on a song most likely best known by the French: ‘For Me, Formidable’ by Charles Aznavour. The original song features a pun-filled mix of French and English to which we decided to pay homage by writing our own lyrics… With possibly a more absurd twist, if that can every be. It …

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Sep 13 2013

Raven’s Jig – Jib Jig (on-vocal)

Of course, we are Raven’s Jig, so it only made sense that we would do a jig at some point, right? This orchestral arrange of a soundtrack from Donkey Kong Country 2 exists in two version, an off-vocal featuring extra harp and the greenery-filled flute we appreciate so much in our more celtic song, and …

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