Raven’s Jig – You Were There (on-vocal)

If this song from the video game Ico reminds you of FMA’s Bratja, don’t be surprised – they were both composed by Michiru Oshima, whose music we appreciate dearly. This specific song, however, was chosen by hit Utaite Kanipan, as part of the second collaboration we did together. In Better Together, this piece, featuring original English lyrics by Agathe, serves as closure to an album that opened with Bratja, bringing harmony to the whole mix.

Download Raven’s Jig – You Were There (on-vocal)

—Good morning world, here I am again
Am I talking to myself?
—Just turn around, see the paper rain
Of your letters on the shelf

—Your voice was really missed
—Did you always look like this?
—I travelled so far
—So what did you find?
—I travelled so far
—Exploring your mind

—You were there
You were there

—Somewhere across the hill
Never move, never have, never will

—You were there
On the other side of the ball
You were there
—In the pictures on every wall

—It’s a beautiful world
—You could stroll a thousand miles
—But it sounds so dull
When I’m in the dark
—Though it sounds so dull
—Someone left a mark

You were there
You were there

—I can’t believe you’re still here
—Take the words we say and hold them dear

If you like
I would let you go a thousand times
If you like
—Longing for change has never been a crime

—I’m sorry for what I thought of you
And what I may think again
—Forgive me for the things I might do
Always hear me clear and plain

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