Better Together!


There is a thing about collaborating with other musicians, that gives off a feeling of warmness. Said a more serious way; during collaborations you can learn and discover stuff that you wouldn’t be able to without them. The song shown below are both collab songs. A good friend of mine runs Seventh Element, and we have worked together in the past as well. This time around, he played “Better“, and allowed Raven’s Jig to put together an arrangement. During the arranging stage, I realized that the arrange could shine brighter when combined with a live drum recording. As it was written, as it was done!

Raven’s Jig – Better ▶ custom player

Another great chapter in our musical book is a collaboration with the utaite Kanipan. (かにぱん。). Though, she is much more famous than we are, I asked her for a collaboration during a bold moment, and surprisingly received a positive answer! It is amazing what simply asking can get you. The song shown below is the result of our collaborative effort to produce a dual-vocal interpretation of the well-known Chrono Trigger song 600 A.D. Yearning of the Wind. Stay tuned for more collabs with either of these great musicians!

Raven’s Jig – Wind Scene ▶ custom player

As always, we will continue having fun producing songs, and we will try to release new songs on a regular basis. I wish to believe I can produce one song every 2-4 weeks, though the releases come as they are. The music section shown at the top of this web page will contain most of our songs (I’m still working on it!), though it is possible to listen to our songs on YouTube via this playlist. Have a nice day, and let the power of the sun be with you.



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