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Raven’s Jig – Butterflies

Basically Fireflies, but organic… And during the day. The core idea behind this arrange was to replace the spacey keyboard with lyrical strings, the dark blue atmosphere with a bright green one… And why not switch languages as well to give it a more exotic aspect? Butterflies is actually much less about butterflies than it …

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Raven’s Jig – My Nixie Tube

Nixie tubes are fascinating objects originating from Russia, which are part of Onne’s many interests. So when he decided to make an arrangement of Russian classic Polyushko Polye, he decided that the song would be about Nixie tubes. Agathe didn’t know anything about Nixie tubes though, so she decided to make it a metaphor for …

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Raven’s Jig – Concerning Hobbits

The challenge with this one was straightforward: pay the best homage possible to the introduction scene for the Hobbits in the first Lord Of The Rings film. We tried to make this song sound as “green” and peaceful as possible. The lyrics which we added to this arrangement are also inspired by Bilbo’s narration over …

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Raven’s Jig – My Heart will go On

Oh no, not that movie. This is what we thought when we decided to arrange this song. We found it interesting as a melody and wanted to test our skills on it (complete with a return of our beloved children’s choir), but as neither of us is the type of person who cries to movies …

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Raven’s Jig – Scarborough’s Piano

Among our first musical arranges, at the very beginning, was folk classic Scarborough Fair. Once our band was on track, we decided to give it a new try, in a completely different genre – jazz, with smooth synths, improved piano lines and a lower, more mellow tone of voice. We also decided to change the …

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Raven’s Jig – Hijo de la Luna (English on-vocal)

This is a translation of a Spanish-language hit song originally performed by Mecano. Except it’s not. Or is it? This English adaptation relies on automatic writing, to provide absurd lyrics jumping from one idea to another, following the course of the lyricist’s mind. Of course, you can still take it as a translation… Only at …

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