Raven’s Jig – Wind Scene (Yearnings of the Wind, 風の憧憬, on-vocal)

This arrange of an iconic and melancholic Chrono Trigger soundtrack is our first collab with hit Utaite Kanipan… And it felt like a dream come true. Onne suggested the collab to the Japanese singer, and Agathe, who had been a big fan of her for a while, was overjoyed to provide lyrics and singing to complement Kanipan’s. Our music really feels better when we are together with more amazing artists! This was an honor we will always appreciate.

Download Raven’s Jig – Wind Scene

As you spin around the moon
You give the world a gaze
You’re still living in yesterdays
Just going back and forth
So close and yet so far
You call yourself a rocking star
As you live under the sky
So colorful and bright
Forever between day and night
You hate and yet you love
The universe above
It’s like a screen in black and white

Walking in the woods, finding friends on the way
(Always carry on)
Helping mementos find their path back home
(Feels so strange to know that I belong)
Looking for yourself, in tomorrow and today
(Here and there as well)
Painting history out of monochrome
(On your multiple own)

As you’re walking on the moon
And time is like a maze
You’re still living in yesterdays
I’m not sad anymore
I don’t know where you are
But I will be your lucky star
As you’re looking for the past
Strolling around the world
You pull the thread and string the pearls
Drawing a memory
Mixing the old and new
Until someone waves back to you

Sometimes stopping by on the wings of a bird
(On the wings of space)
In places where you didn’t plan to go
(Seeing faces you didn’t plan to see)
Out of the pieces, you make up a new word (->world)
(Life is all around)
And plant the seed for the sentence to grow
(By your side)

As you live around the moon
Time will always be like a maze



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